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Moving from Reputation to Return: Minimizing Cost, Mitigating the Risks and Maximizing the Returns of Cap & Trade

Ontario’s Cap & Trade poses an enormous challenge to businesses. Some companies will be winners, some will be losers, and there will be a big group in the middle of the continuum with varying degrees of success.

The winners will be the businesses with enough vision to set real goals well beyond Cap & Trade requirements, and then monetize their carbon reductions. The key to winning – selling your company’s carbon reductions as recurring CO2 offset credits year after year after year to other businesses.The Cap & Trade losers will stand in line to buy CO2 offsets when it’s too late to do much of anything else.And the Big Group in the Middle (BGM) will do something to reduce their carbon footprint to avoid buying offsets. Some of them may just reach their target and avoid paying anything. Others may reduce what they need to pay, but will still have to pay something, ultimately costing the company more.The key to your company’s success is a new, highly-focused approach to energy management. This information-packed session will give you the vision, the strategies and the tools you need now to make sure your company is on the winning side of the Cap & Trade continuum. 

Who should attend?

The thought and action leaders of companies that are major consumers of energy: 

  • CEOs and CFOs interested in the strategies and tactics to win in the low carbon world
  • Chief Sustainability Officers/Vice Presidents of Sustainability
  • Key decision-makers in thermal intensive Ontario manufacturing facilities

In this session you will:

  • Hear case studies from California companies that have been operating in a Cap & Trade environment for over a decade – winners and losers
  • Learn about Best Practices in energy management driven by senior management
  • Take away concrete strategies and tools that will move your company to the winning side of the Cap & Trade Continuum
  • Understand how employee engagement will increase and drive the change your company needs to succeed
  • Find out why energy is a controllable cost and how you can take charge of that cost now


Paul Hullar

Paul Hullar is the Founder and CEO of Brightwave Energy, Simi Valley, California, and is the author of Winning with AB32 – Generating Revenue with California’s Cap and Trade (available on Amazon). With 10 years of consulting on Cap & Trade in California, Paul understands what works and what doesn’t, who’ll win and who’ll get left behind. Paul served as an executive with Procter & Gamble for 25 years where he developed and led their Energy Conservation Program, which spanned across 134 facilities world-wide. Through a Program of Conservation and Alternative & Advanced Fuel strategies, Paul also led the program that reduced P&G’s energy consumption by 26% in less than four years, generating over $230 Million USD in savings and an Alternative & Advanced Fuel Strategies program to drive a 70% reduction in their Carbon Footprint.  Paul received the Pacific Coast Business Times award "Who's Who in Clean Tech and Sustainability" for the past six years. 

David Arkell is President & CEO of 360 Energy Inc. For over 20 years, Dave and 360 Energy has helped leading companies enhance performance and create robust teams through a platform of energy management. Their clients in Canada and the US have save millions of dollars by embedding energy management into day- to-day operations, procurement and financial decision-making. In 2006, 360 Energy developed the comprehensive Certification of Energy Excellence (CEE) program in collaboration with the UK’s National Energy Foundation. The CEE is an outcomes-based evaluation; it requires participants to demonstrate broad internal collaboration and a verified record of continual improvement in reducing energy consumption and costs. Their CEE client St. Mary’s Cement Bowmanville went on to become the first ISO 50001 certified operation in North America; that site’s energy savings success continues today. Dave has appeared on numerous panels with senior government officials, and at conferences and seminars including the Ontario Economic Forum. Dave is driven by a passion to help others perform better than they ever thought they could, and by the knowledge that sustained energy savings are best achieved with diverse team effort and strong executive support. 



Arrive early and enjoy breakfast and networking before the session gets underway.


Moderator and Presenter: David Arkell, President & CEO, 360 Energy Inc.

9:15-10:15  A TALE OF TWO C’s: Shifting the Mindset from Regulations to Revenue Generation – Presenter:  Paul Hullar, Brightwave Energy

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times/It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.”  A provocative illustration of two global companies; one leverages Cap & Trade, while the other succumbs to it.  A cautionary tale.

10:15-10:30  BREAK

10:30-11:45  WINNING WITH CAP & TRADE: How to achieve a Winning Strategy in a Cap & Trade Business Environment 

Presenter: Paul Hullar, Brightwave Energy

A detailed discussion of Strategies & Technologies that can be used to generate new Revenue Streams with Cap & Trade. The multitude of Technology Solutions.

11:45-12:30  PANEL: Status of Cap & Trade in Ontario

Moderator: TBD

Panelists: TBD

Over lunch, hear the latest on the status of Cap & Trade from those in the know.

12:30-1:45  TOP DOWN SUSTAINABILITY: Innovative decisions in accounting, energy procurement, operations, human resources 

Presenter: David Arkell, 360 Energy Inc.

Energy is usually among the top three costs manufacturers face. And yet, most companies have little or no idea how much they actually spend on energy If you don’t know how much you spend, you have even less idea how much you can actually save.  Energy Management is a whole organization affair, which needs to be driven from the top to fully maximize savings. It’s not just technology, it’s people and employee engagement that can drive early savings with a surprising ROI.


Paul Hullar, Brightwave Energy and David Arkell, 360 Energy

The next 90 days to move you forward – your comprehensive energy audit and the plan to move your company from losing to winning at Cap & Trade.

Enjoy a wine tasting and unwind at the end of this information-packed day. Chat with other session attendees and presenters to share thoughts on positive steps towards implementing what you’ve learned.


Date: May 23 or May 24, 2017

(The same session is being given on both days. You must pick one day to attend.)

Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Place: White Oaks Conference Centre

Cost: $5,000 includes two tickets to the event plus a live video link-up for your team back in the office

To register, click here.

Registrations must be received before May 12, 2017. Payment can be made by cheque and mailed to ......

There are no refunds after that date, but you may transfer your on site registration to someone else from your company.

Moving from Reputation to Return is presented by 360 Energy, Brightwave Energy, Continu Clean Solutions and Armstrong Strategy Group

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“At the outset, we made good progress on our own. But we felt we had only scratched the surface; that we had just started down this road. We needed to verify that we had made progress. And we wanted to know how to get better. We needed coaching to get the best out of our team.  Then we were introduced to 360 Energy. They told us about the Journey to Energy Excellence and the certification process they use to ensure companies follow best practices.”
Marty Fallon, CEO

"Paul Hullar's leadership has had a tremendous impact to the Family Care Business at Procter & Gamble. The Energy Program that he developed and led delivered over $100 Million in savings to our bottom line. Furthermore, Paul integrated the work into our existing HPWS and TPM programs for a seamless execution of the work. This became the base for the company-wide energy program.
Paul has led this effort across more than 15 of our plants in 7 different countries. His style and approach allow him to cross cultural boundaries and differing plant structures and designs. Paul has created a great Team at Brightwave Energy."

Fuad Abdullah
Regional Director, Procter & Gamble
Middle East and Africa
President & CEO - HIFO

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