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Strong Strategies, Stronger Results

Drawing on our broad range of expertise and experience, the Armstrong Strategy Group provides a comprehensive range of strategic services for organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Strategic Planning 

Our approach to strategic planning involves listening to your stakeholders, being tuned to the environment in which your organizations works, understanding your opportunities, and building a strategic plan that moves your organization forward. Your strategic plan becomes your organization's road map for the future, understood and owned by your entire team.

Public Affairs, Advocacy & Government Relations 

We support our clients by building collaborative and productive relationships with your internal and external stakeholders and audiences. Leveraging our experience, we recognize, anticipate, and manage client issues, identify opportunities and allies, we advocate for public policies that facilitate growth and progress utilizing a wide variety of tools and Tactics, and we provide the leadership required to optimize our client's communications networks.

Community Development

We build the relationships and networks necessary to create and capitalize on new growth opportunities and tackle community challenges. Working collaboratively with our clients and all levels of government ensures healthy and constructive partnerships, helping build the economic and social health of our communities.

Brand Strategy Development and Corporate Communications

We know that your brand is not simply your logo or your most recent ad. We know it's the sum of all of your organization's interactions with your stakeholders. Our brand and communications strategies build engagement and profile, creating true brand advocates amongst your customers and your employees, ensuring growth and success for your organization.

Event Planning

We know events hold a special purpose for organizations, communities and sectors.  They bring people together to share ideas, to raise money for charity, to build business and acquire new customers, to create collective action, deliver a message, and simply to enjoy and celebrate together.  We boast a committed and seasoned team of experts who create and execute flawless corporate, not for profit and social events, from concept through to clean-up, that will make your organization stand out.

Fundraising and Revenue Tools (Not-for-Profit)

An organization can do a lot with grit and determination, but without revenue it's tough to make an impact. That's why Armstrong Strategy Group has seasoned fundraisers, grant writers, and business developers. Our fundraising and strategic counsel specialists have a broad range of experience and bring comprehensive revenue solutions to charities and non-profits. From annual giving campaigns, to social enterprise, to capital feasibility studies through capital campaign planning and execution, Armstrong Strategy Group ensures that clients are able to seize opportunities to advance their mission.

Building stronger organizations and stronger communities.