General Questions

Recommendation on how to Copy Elements (Forms, Sections, etc...)

We recommend to go to the Layout page you find the element and copying it from there to the page you want. Do not copy the element from the elements page; those elements are just samples not intended for real use.

Notice Bar

Use the Notice Bar to spread a message that will be seen by all your website pages. Once your user clicks the close button, the bar will not be shown again for the next 24 hours, this way we prevent the user to see the same message every time he reloads the page.

Note: The Notice Bar has a script (located on the Custom Code section of your template) that makes it self to not show again for the next 24 hours when the user clicks on the close button. This script is provided as an optional element and for that reason we do not offer support for the javascript code.

How to hide the Newsletter Section?

1. Select the whole Newsletter section (you can double check by going to the Navigator and see that you select the whole section)

2. Go to the Style Panel and select Display None.This will hide the element.

3. Done!

Don't forget to set the section again as Display Block when you finish.

How to deactivate the notice bar?

For those times when you don't need to spread out a special message to your users, you can deactivate the Notice Bar by following these instructions.

1. Double click on the Notice Bar symbol.

2. Go to the Settings Panel and select No Visible on Desktop, Tablet, Landscape and Mobile

3. Done!

How can remove an interaction from any element?

Say for example you don't want to have an interaction on an element (box, section, etc), when your page loads. So, how do you remove it? .

1. Select the element you want to remove the interaction.

2. Go the Interactions Panel and change and change from whatever the interactions selected is, to None.

3. Done!

How can I make "Home" any of the Layouts?

If you are planing to use any of the Layouts as your initial page or home page you will need to edit the setting of your page.

In this example I'll show you how to make any page your home page, for the Layouts you will need to place them out of the folder Layouts first.

1. Go to your left side bar menu and click on Pages.

2. Select the page you want to make your home page and take it out of the Templates Folder.

3. Click on the home icon located on the top right.

4. Done!

How can I open the Navbar menu?

1. Select the "burger" menu.

2. Go to the Settings Panel and click the Open Menu button.

3. If you want to open the sub menu, click the below Open Menu button.

4. Done.

How can I customize the Pie/Bar Chart?

To better explain this, let do a real example.

Let's say you want to customize the counter and bar to be at 77 Percent, for that you need to:

1. Find and select the Chart Item.

2. Go to the Interactions Panel and duplicate the 51 to 99 Percent Template

3. Open the duplicated interaction and change the name to 77 Percent pie

4. Now, delete the 8 left and 9 left instructions. This way you will be left with the number 7 as your last "left" number.

4. Do the same with the right numbers, delete the 8 right and 9 right instructions, this way our chart will have the "77" number we need.

5. Next, open the 7 left instruction and delete the las 3 interactions, doing this, we are telling to the interaction to stop at the number 7.

6. Do the same for the 7 right number.

7. Finally open the Percent Chart and change the Rotate Z to whatever you think fits better as a 77 percent.

8. Click done, and preview the new interaction.


You can follow the same instructions for the Pie Charts ;)

Customize your Pie Chart Images.

Thanks to Naotaka 👍 for letting me know that would be useful to have these files ready for you.

Download the Photoshop and Png files here.

How can I remove an interaction from an element?

1. Select the element

2. Go to the Interactions Panel and change the interaction to the None state.

3. Done!


I want to have the "scroll into view" in a different section of my website, how can I do that?

1. Select the section you want the interaction to be.

2. Go the the Interactions Panel and select the "Show on Scroll" interaction.

3. Done!

Note: As well as the Notice Bar, the Newsletter has a script that prevents of showing up again for 24 hours once its clicked the close button.


Need More Help?

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Current Version

1.6 Was corrected an error on Blog Post Page that was showing all tags for all post.

1.5 Navbar interaction added

1.4 Work page was updated, also Work Categories.

1.3 Color text change on Paragraph and headers.

1.2 Hero Slider section was added. The "simple" Hero Section was saved as a symbol in case you want to use it. A Background Video was added to the second Slide.

1.1 Pie chart files added, added folder a folder for contact us, blog and works page, other minor changes.

1.0 Initial Template Version.