First impressions are everything. Introducing ASG's new brand identity.

October 25, 2018

First impressions mean everything: this is never truer than when we interact with a brand online. Consider the number of times that you have landed on a website, only to be turned off by how out of date or unprofessional it looked, and immediately clicked the back button on your browser. As a brand and business, you have one chance, and approximately three seconds on your website, to make a lasting impression and connection with a potential client. A successful brand strategy recognizes the importance of first impressions and works hard to distill a brand’s goals, vision and values into a compelling and effective set of visuals that both represent the brand and speak, without hesitation, to potential clients.

Why did we rebrand ASG?

As the team at ASG has grown, so too have our opportunities and our needs as a brand. Seeking to expand our opportunities, reach new potential clients, and enhance our internal strategy, we started to look at our brand’s visual strategy and how we could improve upon it to better reflect who ASG is, how we approach and carry out projects, and who we work with. Our new visuals are a combination of tradition, innovation, quality and creativity and speak to the calibre of work that we do and to our unique approach to strategy.

If you take a look at our homepage, you will be greeted by crisp, clean and professional visuals that reflect the high-quality work that we offer to our clients on all projects as well as our experienced and educated team. Paired with creative and artistic black and white photos that showcase our innovative approach to our strategy work and the strategic path that we guide our clients on, we have positioned our brand as one that is trustworthy, relevant and unique. On top of the consideration that we placed on our visual strategy, we also recognized the importance of ensuring that our website is one that is easy and intuitive to interact with. Making sure that any visitor to our site has a positive experience is reflective of our ability to understand, plan and execute strategies that centre around people. Keeping information focused, timely and succinct makes the site readable, easy to navigate, and uncluttered.

No matter what your business goals are, strategic branding is an essential piece of the puzzle.  Ensuring that the face you put forward to clients, potential clients and your internal team is one that speaks to them in a positive way while also reflecting your business values, is of the utmost importance in a world where online presence alone can make or break you.

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