Meet fundraiser Carrie Zeffiro – Where there’s a will, Carrie helps to find a way.

October 6, 2021

With a passion for helping her community in every way possible, Carrie shares how her inborn love of people has driven her fundraising career.

Carrie’s volunteer bona fides provide a glimpse into her philanthropic DNA.

More than 30 years ago, Carrie started a breakfast program at her own children’s primary school. Seeing that there were students whose home-life situation created obstacles to their learning, Carrie rallied suppliers and volunteers in coordinating a program that ensured all children could start their day with a nutritious meal. That grass-roots initiative has since grown and spread to the point where Niagara Nutrition Partners now operates region-wide.

A sampling of her varied dedicated service: Carrie is also a 20+ year Rotarian, Board Chair of the Niagara Sexual Assault Centre, member of the Niagara Chapter of 100 Women Who Care, and long-time Project SHARE volunteer in Niagara Falls.

As a natural complement to her volunteer pursuits, Carrie is fueled by making a difference as a fundraising consultant for community causes big and small. Where there’s a will, Carrie helps to find a way. Contributing to her many successes, the lifetime of connections and relationships she has built over her professional career have been helpful as well as rewarding.

“If you're looking to raise money for a large capital campaign or some smaller project, I help guide you through that process. It helps that I understand, from the grassroots level, what it's like to get a charity started, keep it running, and be in the trenches . . . what you are facing when you are working at the frontlines as well as the management level. Fundraising can be extremely challenging. But the end result – when you meet your goal – it’s so satisfying.”

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