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Madeleine Kearns, BSc, MA

Research and Data Analyst

Madeleine is an accomplished researcher who uses modern data analytics techniques to develop evidence-based recommendations for a variety of clients.

Madeleine completed her master’s degree at the University of Ottawa and is professionally certified in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics through Ryerson University. During her academic career, she worked on a range of cutting-edge health and social reform projects, from gut microbiome studies to guaranteed basic income research.

Madeleine now works in the data analytics sector. She has used survey analyses to assess the effectiveness of international development programs, applied machine learning algorithms to predict population health outcomes, explored geospatial data to optimize branch structures of local organizations, and conducted network analyses to improve referral pathways for nonprofit agencies.

Madeleine is passionate about using data science to solve real-world problems in the nonprofit sector. With her research and analytic skills, she continues to diligently help clients optimize their enterprises.

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