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Fundraising Coach Program

Help your organization make the most of a stressed economy with expert fundraising coaching to support inexperienced to mid-level fundraisers. 

Is your organization experiencing a higher demand for services, while simultaneously seeing your funding sources declining?

You're not alone. During these challenging economic times, those who traditionally donate tend to give less because of concerns about their declining wealth. Similarly, government, public and private funding is increasingly redirected to cover essentials like healthcare and housing. Not to mention the added stress of throwing inflation into the equation.  

This cocktail of uncontrollable economic circumstances has left many charities scrambling to create a structured fundraising program and increase their current fundraising efforts to widen their appeal in a shrinking economy. Often, this is being done without the support of an experienced fundraiser, meaning that your efforts aren't producing the results your organization needs to do its best work.


Make your fundraising efforts count for more.

As the need for fundraising increases, so too does the need for experienced funders - resulting in a shortage of available fundraising talent. For many organizations this leaves them with no choice but to turn to staff without the expertise and tools to ensure fundraising success. 
For this exact reason, we've put together the Fundraising Coach Program. To help your inexperienced fundraising staff get on-the-job support from highly trained and seasoned fundraising professionals. 

Upskilling your fundraising team and raising more funds is easy with the right support.


Through the Fundraising Coach Program, our seasoned fundraising experts will help your organization get back to financial security in three simple steps: 

  1.  Bring your team to meet our team and explore the challenges your organization is facing.  

  2. Receive a customized training plan built to meet your fundraising needs.

  3. Access your fundraising coaches through regularly scheduled mentorship meetings, and get your organization back on track to success. 

Meet Your Fundraising Coaches

Bill Hallett, PhD, ACFRE

Senior Associate, Philanthropy

Don Stewart, M.Ed.

Senior Associate, Philanthropy

Carrie Zeffiro

Senior Associate, Philanthropy

Suzanne Foy

Senior Associate, Philanthropy

susan-g-komen-3-day-6RlHij-pwpw-unsplash (1).jpg

Don't wait for the economy to change. Make the most of your fundraising efforts with the Fundraising Coaching Program. 

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