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The Armstrong Strategy Group’s New Fundraising Coach Program

Updated: Feb 9

During these challenging economic times, many charities across Canada are dealing with the ‘double whammy’ of higher demand on services, all while seeing their funding sources become stagnant or even declining.

Most depend on governments and public/private foundations for portions of their funding. These resources are becoming increasingly strapped to cover essential obligations such as healthcare and housing. Inflation then adds further stressors into the equation.

Moreover, research shows that people and corporations who traditionally give during such challenging times tend to give less to charities because of concerns with their declining wealth.

The scope of their philanthropy also tends to become more restricted, largely limiting their giving to charities dealing with priority social issues such as food insecurity (foodbanks), housing and mental health.

So, charities have little choice but to create a structured fundraising program and/or increase their current fundraising efforts to widen their appeal in a shrinking economy.

This increased demand for fundraising, coupled with a spate of retirements in the sector, has produced a shortage of fundraising professionals. As a result, charities find themselves turning to inexperienced staff, who may have transferable skills from other careers, but little or no background or tools equipping them to transfer these skills to successful fundraising operations.

This is why the Armstrong Strategy Group (ASG) is offering Fundraising Coach to help inexperienced and mid-level fundraisers get on-the-job support from ASG’s roster of seasoned fundraising professionals.

All programs that we offer can be tailored to meet your organization’s fundraising needs.

To enable you and your charity to raise more funds we begin by:

Meeting with the relevant personnel in your organization to learn the challenges you are confronting and the specifics related to your fundraising needs.
Following the meeting, ASG will create a coaching plan customized for you and your organization.
ASG will present the plan for you and your organization to review, including fees that align with your needs, budget and the scale of your organization - large or small.

Whether you need help with organizational structure, training staff or volunteers, planning, building a case, fundraising communications support, etc., engaging ASG fundraising coaches will bring to you decades of industry experience to help optimize your fundraising potential.

Meet Your Fundraising Coaches

Learn more about our coaches on the official coaching and mentorship page!



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