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Bill Hallett leads Armstrong Strategy Group’s Philanthropy Division

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

For those of you who have met Bill Hallett, you know he’s a seasoned veteran in the world of philanthropy, whose career has spanned decades and left an imprint on consequential fundraising campaigns throughout Canada. For those who don’t, read on!

Recognizing the ever-present revenue needs and aspirations of ASG’s charity clients and the opportunities for their many civic-minded clients as well, ASG President John Armstrong and Hallett teamed up to introduce a philanthropy consultancy to the company. Bill’s highly-regarded knowledge base and years of success made him the perfect candidate to lead the new division.Bill and John are joined by seasoned philanthropy professionals Carrie Zeffiro and Suzanne Foy, who round out the team.

Being part of Armstrong Strategy Group offers a unique wealth of advantages for clients compared to companies that are solely fundraising consulting firms, says Bill. Looking at strategy from a very broad-based perspective combined with communications expertise and a well-developed, diversified staff allows for a comprehensive “one-stop shop” for clients. ASG also brings unique solutions and approaches that other firms can’t offer. ASG’s experience dealing with the not-for-profit, public, government and private sectors adds another valuable dimension.

Asked to cite the biggest challenge in fundraising, Bill’s one-word response is ‘persistence.’ He explains that, initially, campaigns or fundraising programs take time to build momentum and it can seem like a struggle. “People don’t always understand that it takes time. But you have to show people that there is a body of knowledge to fundraising. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. And if you do it the right way, the time you spend will really pay off.”

Bill’s key observation on philanthropy?

“Whether prominent, wealthy donors or those giving what they’re able to afford, people who care have the ability to make things happen that otherwise couldn't happen. And I think community building is really, really, critical for any country, region or province.”‍



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